Microprocessor controller developments : SP-426

Auman, J. T.
Caron, LaVerne A.
Chrysler Corporation
Cilibraise, G.
Ford Motor Company
General Motors Corporation
Hill, Gene
Intel Microcomputer Components
Karstad, Kaare
Knowles, Brian
Lappington, John
Long, David K.
Marley, John
Motorola, Inc.
National Semiconductor
Redfern, Thomas P.
Rubinstein, Richard
Schlax, T. R.
Silvestri, Chester
Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.
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R C A, employer for hire of Kaare Karstad, Chrysler Corporation, employer for hire of John Lappington & LaVerne A. Caron, Ford Motor Company, employer for hire of G. Cilibraise, Intel Microcomputer Components, employer for hire of Brian Knowles, Gene Hill, Chester Silvestri & Richard Rubinstein, National Semiconductor, employer for hire of David K. Long, Thomas P. Redfern, General Motors Corporation, employer for hire of T. R. Schlax & J. T. Auman & Motorola, Inc., employer for hire of John Marley.
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Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.
62 p.
Warrendale, Pa. : Society of Automotive Engineers, c1978.