Federal regulation of employment service / [managing editor, William H. Danne, Jr. ... et al.]

Burke, George V.
Danne, William H., Jr.
Feld, Daniel E.
Jones, James L.
Lee, Daniel A. Per
Ludington, John P.
Mathis, Paul C.
Mueller, A.
Per-Lee, Daniel A.
Rouillard, I. Granville
Sharpe, Kieran
Silberman, Ralph M.
Tipon, Emmanuel S.
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Collective bargaining representatives
Job discrimination
Job safety and health
Jurisdictional standards
Wage and hour laws
Unfair labor practice proceedings
Employee benefits
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New matter: revisions & additions.
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The Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company.
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Apr. 1978 issue.
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Federal regulation of employment service / [managing editors, William H. Danne, Jr. ... et al.].
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