N.A.D.A. official used car guide : the market report of used car values : [domestic cars, imported cars, trucks] / editorial director, James H. Lawrence, editor, Lynn A. Weaver, assistant editor, Jan C. Ocean

Lawrence, James H.
NADA Analytical Services Group
NADA Official Used Car Guide Company
NADA Services Corporation
NADA Used Car Guide Company
Ocean, Jan C.
Weaver, Lynn A.
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Central ed.
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Central ed.
McLean, Va. : N.A.D. Used Car Guide Company.
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Vol. 50, no. 4, Apr. 1983.
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NADA Services Corporation d.b.a. NADA Used Car Guide Company.
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v. 74, no. 6, Jun07. (Appl. author: NADA Services Corporation d.b.a. NADA Official Used Car Guide Company, employer for hire) Created 2007; Pub. 2007-06-01; Reg. 2007-10-29; TX0006856938
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