ALR Federal : American law reports : cases and annotations

ALR federal quick index, A-Z
Buckman, Deborah F.
Campbell, Andrew M.
Claya, John C.
Goren, William D.
Karnezis, Kristine Cordier
Kaye, Richard E.
Kehrle, Rachel Piven
Kemper, Kurtis A.
Knapp, Gary
Lockhart, James
Miller, Robin Cheryl
Piven-Kehrle, Rachel
West Group
West Publishing Corporation
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American law reports, ALR federal, cases and annotations.
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cases and annotations, bound
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Rochester, N. Y. : Lawyers Co-operative Pub. Co.
print material.
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Vol. 41.
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Application states: copyright is not claimed in any works of the US Govt.
West Publishing Corporation d.b.a. West Group (employer for hire)
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New matter: additions, revisions & compilation.
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American law reports