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The Organization of the United Methodist Church / Jack M. TuellAbingdon; Abingdon Press; Tuell, Jack M., 19231 v.
The Judas Syndrome Why Good People Do Awful ThingsAbingdon Press; Simon, Jr., George K.Book, 141 p.
How Israel Became A PeopleAbingdon Press; Hawkins, RalphBook, 288 p.
A New Dawn in Beloved CommunityAbingdon PressBook, 195 p.
Thank God It’s Thursday Encountering Jesus at the Lord’s Table As if For The First TimeAbingdon Press; Willimon, WilliamBook, 110 p.
Isaiah Jeremiah Lamentations by Janice Catron Immersion Bible Studies seriesAbingdon PressBook, 108 p.
The Way 40 Days of ReflectionAbingdon Press; Hamilton, AdamBook, 192 p.
Lead Like Butler Six Principles for Values Based LeadersAbingdon Press; Cebula, Judith; Millard, KentBook, 120 p.
Worship and Song Worship ResourcesAbingdon PressBook, 107 p.
The Gift of Compassion A Guide to Helping Those Who GrieveAbingdon Press; Stevens, BeccaBook, 107 p.
Sanctuary for Lent 2013 by Robert DoddAbingdon PressBook, 48 p.
Give Up Something Bad for Lent A Lenten Study for AdultsAbingdon Press; Moore, James W.Book, 96 p.
African American History Month Daily Devotions 2013 by Sherry DanielsAbingdon PressBook, 32 p.
Following the Way Lent 2012 Scriptures for the Church Seasons seriesAbingdon PressBook, 112 p.
The Way Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus Youth study edition by Clare Golson DoyleAbingdon PressBook, 72 p.
The Way Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus Leader Guide by John GilbertAbingdon PressBook, 64 p.
The Way Walking in the Footsteps of JesusAbingdon Press; Hamilton, AdamBook, 173 p.
The Way Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus Children’s Leader Guide by Sally HoelsherAbingdon PressBook, 78 p.
Destination Unknown: Missions 30 Excursions to Transform Your CommunityAbingdon Press; Halverson, SamBook.
The Quintessential Porcine History of Philosophy and ReligionAbingdon Press; Taylor, JamesBook.