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Health assessment in nursing, [by] Sims, D’Amico, Stiesmeyer, Webster : health assessment documentation module / Kimberly Ferren CarterAddison-Wesley Nursing Publishing Company, Inc.; Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc. Addison-Wesley Nursing Publishing Company, Inc.; Carter, Kimberly Ferren; D’Amico; Sims; Stiesmeyer; Webster56 p.
Black politics in conservative America / Marcus D. PohlmannAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. Longman, Inc.; Longman, a division of Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Pohlmann, Marcus D., 1950271 p.
On the borders of crime : conflict management and criminology / Leslie W. KennedyAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. Longman, Inc.; KENNEDY, LESLIE W.; Longman, a division of Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.153 p.
Sex and human life / Eric T. Pengelley ; [foreword by Garrett Hardin]Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Hardin, Garrett; Pengelley, Eric T.301 p.
Communication and social behavior : a symbolic interaction perspective / Don F. Faules, Dennis C. AlexanderAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Alexander, Dennis C.; Faules, Don F.275 p.
Communication in the classroom / H. Thomas Hurt, Michael D. Scott, James C. McCroskeyAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Hurt, H. Thomas; McCroskey, James C.; Scott, Michael D.215 p.
Algebra one : teachers’ ed. : [student ed.] / Mervin L. Keedy, Marvin L. Bittinger, Stanley A. SmithAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Bittinger, Marvin L.; Keedy, Mervin L.; Smith, Stanley A.2 v.
Energy, resources & policy / Richard C. DorfAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Dorf, Richard C.486 p.
Elements of physical chemistry / J. William Moncrief, William H. JonesAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Jones, William H.; Moncrief, J. William450 p.
Introduction to computability / Fred Hennie [i.e. Frederick Hennie]Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Hennie, Fred; Hennie, Frederick374 p.
Data analysis and regression : a second course in statistics / Frederick Mosteller, John W. TukeyAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Mosteller, Frederick; Tukey, John W.588 p.
Study guide and workbook to accompany Gilbert D. Nass, Marriage and the family / Ronald SabatelliAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Sabatelli, Ronald249 p.
A Biofeedback primer / Edward B. Blanchard, Leonard H. EpsteinAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Blanchard, Edward B.; Epstein, Leonard H.218 p.
Organizational learning : a theory of action perspective / Chris Argyris, Donald A. SchoenAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Argyris, Chris; Schoen, Donald A.344 p.
Speech, language, and hearing--normal processes and disorders / Paul H. Skinner, Ralph L. SheltonAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Shelton, Ralph L.; Skinner, Paul H.357 p.
Quantitative methods for managerial decisions / Kenneth S. Brown, Jack B. ReVelleAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Brown, Kenneth S.; ReVelle, Jack B.569 p.
A Systems approach to small group interaction / [text] Stewart L. TubbsAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Tubbs, Stewart L.348 p.
Elements of X-ray diffraction / [text] B. D. CullityAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Cullity, B. D.555 p.
Marriage and the family / Gilbert D. NassAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Nass, Gilbert D.539 p.
Descriptive geometry / James H. EarleAddison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc.; Earle, James H.338 p.