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Telecommunications : an interdisciplinary survey / edited by L. Lewin [i.e. Leonard Lewin]Artech House, Inc.; Lewin, L.; Lewin, Leonard, 1919657 p.
Millimeter wave radar / edited by Stephen L. JohnstonArtech House, Inc.; Johnston, Stephen L., 1923661 p.
Advances in computer communications and networking / [author of commentary] Wesley W. ChuArtech House, Inc.; Chu, Wesley W.653 p.
Introduction to synthetic array and imaging radars / S. A. Hovanessian [i.e. Shahen A. Hovanessian]Artech House, Inc.; Hovanessian, S. A.; Hovanessian, Shahen A., 1931156 p.
Laser radar systems and techniques / Christian G. BachmanArtech House, Inc.; Bachman, Christian G., 1931193 p.
Computers in nutrition / Chalda Maloff, Russell W. ZearsArtech House, Inc.; Maloff, Chalda, 1946; Zears, Russell, 1951352 p.
Microwave circuit design using programmable calculators / J. L. Allen [i.e. J. Lamar Allen], M. W. Medley, Jr. [i.e. Max W. Medley, Jr.]Allen, J. Lamar, 1936; Artech House, Inc.; Medley, Max W., Jr.279 p.
Computers and medicine / Vernon Sondak [i.e. Vernon K. Sondak], Howard Schwartz [i.e. Howard S. Schwartz], Norman Sondak [i.e. Norman E. Sondak]Artech House, Inc.; Schwartz, Howard S., 1940; Sondak, Norman E., 1931; Sondak, Vernon K., 1951245 p.
Automatic detection and radar data processing / edited by D. Curtis SchleherArtech House, Inc.; Schleher, D. Curtis, 1932636 p.
Radar electronic counter-countermeasures / Stephen L. JohnstonArtech House, Inc.; Johnston, Stephen L., 1923546 p.
Microstrip antennas / I. J. Bahl and P. BhartiaArtech House, Inc.; Bahl, I. J.; Bhartia, P.348 p.
Radars : v. 7, CW and Doppler radar / David K. BartonArtech House, Inc.; Barton, David K., 1927410 p.
Principles of electromagnetic compatibility / Bernhard Keiser [i.e. Bernhard E. Keiser]Artech House, Inc.; Keiser, Bernhard E.327 p.
Error-control coding and applications / Djimitri WiggertArtech House, Inc.; Wiggert, Djimitri203 p.
The Entrepreneur’s handbook : 1 / [author of commentary on collected papers] Joseph MancusoArtech House, Inc.; Mancuso, Joseph214 p.
MTI radar / edited by D. Curtis SchleherArtech House, Inc.; Schleher, D. Curtis499 p.
Junction circulators, Y I G filters, and limiters / Lawrence R. WhickerArtech House, Inc.; Whicker, Lawrence R.319 p.
The Computer book / Fred LeeArtech House, Inc.; Lee, Fred365 p.
Microwave transmission line filters / J. A. G. MalherbeArtech House, Inc.; Malherbe, J. A. G.1 v.
Microstrip lines and slotlines / K. C. Gupta, Ramesh Garg, I. J. BahlArtech House, Inc.; Bahl, I. J., 1944; Garg, Ramesh, 1945; Gupta, K. C., 1940377 p.