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Bucknell review : a scholarly journal of letters, arts and sciences / editor, Harry R. Garvin [i.e. Harry Raphael Garvin ... et al.]Associated University Presses, Inc.; Garvin, Harry Raphael, 1917; Kirkland, John D., Jr.print material.
The Life and works of Lili Boulanger / Leonie RosenstielAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Rosenstiel, Leonie, 1947315 p.
Competition, cooperation, efficiency, and social organization : introduction to a political economy / Antonio JorgeAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Jorge, Antonio, 193189 p.
Crusade in the city : revivalism in nineteenth-century Philadelphia / Marion L. BellAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Bell, Marion L., 1929299 p.
Third World mass media and their search for modernity : the case of Commonwealth Caribbean, 1717-1976 / John A. LentAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Lent, John A., 1936405 p.
Snow in May : an anthology of Finnish writing, 1945-1972 / edited by Richard Dauenhauer and Philip BinhamAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Binham, Philip, 1924; Dauenhauer, Richard, 1942
At the grass roots in the Garden State : reform and regular Democrats in New Jersey / Vicki Granet SemelAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Semel, Vicki Granet, 1941
Spiritualism and nineteenth-century letters / Russell M. and Clare R. GoldfarbAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Goldfarb, Clare R., 1934; Goldfarb, Russell M., 1934
Mystical transformations : the imagery of liquids in the work of Mechthild VonMagdeburg / James C. FranklinAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Franklin, James C., 1943
Rabbi Eizik : Hasidic stories about the Zaddik of Kallo / translated from the Hungarian with an introd. & notes by Andrew HandlerAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Eizik, Taub, 1751-1821; Handler, Andrew, 1935195 p.
Monteverdi : sacred, secular, and occasional music / Denis Stevens [i.e. Denis William Stevens]Associated University Presses, Inc.; Monteverdi, Claudio, 1567-1643; Stevens, Denis William, 1922147 p.
The Mirror of our anquish : a study of Luigi Pirandello’s narrative writings / Douglas Radcliff-UmsteadAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Radcliff-Umstead, Douglas, 1944; Umstead, Douglas Radcliff329 p.
The Feminine irony : women on women in early nineteenth century English literature / Lynne AgressAgress, Lynne, 1941; Associated University Presses, Inc.190 p.
Childhood and selfhood : essays on tradition, religion, and modernity in the psychology of Erik H. Erikson / edited with an introd. by Peter HomansAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Homans, Peter294 p.
Faith, skepticism, and evidence : an essay in religious epistemology / Stephen T. DavisAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Davis, Stephen T., 1940233 p.
A Milton encyclopedia : v. 2, C-Ec / edited by general editor, William B. Hunter, Jr. [i.e. William Bridges Hunter, Jr.] ; co-editors, John T. Shawcross and John M. Steadman ; associate editors, Purvis E. Boyette and Leonard NathansonAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Boyette, Purvis E.; Hunter, William Bridges, Jr., 1915; Nathanson, Leonard; Shawcross, John T.; Steadman, John M.203 p.
Behavioral variation : case study of a Malagasy lemur / Alison F. RichardAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Richard, Alison F., 1948213 p.
A Milton encyclopedia : v. 1 / edited by William B. Hunter, Jr. [i.e. William Bridges Hunter, Jr.], John T. Shawcross and John M. Steadman ... [et al.]Associated University Presses, Inc.; Hunter, William Bridges, Jr., 1915; Shawcross, John T.; Steadman, John M.208 p.
Ararat : a collection of Hungarian-Jewish short stories / translated from the Hungarian with an introd. & notes by Andrew HandlerAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Handler, Andrew, 1935157 p.
Jose Gutierrez Solana : paintings and writings / Jose Luis Barrio-GarayAssociated University Presses, Inc.; Barrio-Garay, Jose Luis, 1932; Garay, Jose Luis Barrio1 v.