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SMOKE SIGNALSBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Podehl, Nick18 Compact Discs.
CRUX by Ramez Naam - Brilliance Audio UnabridgedBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Naramore, Mikael15 Compact discs.
SONG OF THE SPIRITSBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Flosnick, Anne17 Compact disks (CD)
THE DROWNING GUARD : A Novel of the Ottoman EmpireBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Cypress, Suzanne9 Compact disks (CD)
THE COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMESBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Vance, Simon50 Compact disks (CD)
MIDNIGHTBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Lister, Ralph11 Compact disks (CD)
FLOWERTOWNBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Eby, Tanya9 Compact disks (CD)
NEVER TELL : A Novel of SuspenseBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Foss, Eliza10 Compact disks (CD)
DECEPTION COVEBean, Joyce; Brilliance Audio, Inc.7 Compact disks (CD)
SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN : The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and HealthBean, Joyce; Brilliance Audio, Inc.5 Compact disks (CD)
BURN MARKSBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Ericksen, Susan12 Compact disks (CD)
BETWEEN HEAVEN AND TEXASBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Ross, Natalie9 Compact disks (CD)
HARM’S WAYBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Hill, Dick10 Compact disks (CD)
TELL NO LIESBrick, Scott; Brilliance Audio, Inc.11 Compact disks (CD)
COMPOUND FRACTURESBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Hill, Dick13 Compact disks (CD)
COMPOUND FRACTURESBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Hill, Dick7 Compact disks (CD)
WORTH MORE DEAD : And Other True CasesBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Merlington, Laural5 Compact disks (CD)
WHY CAN’T I BE YOUBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Whelan, Julia7 Compact disks (CD)
BLOOD AND ROSESBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Traister, Christina7 Compact disks (CD)
OF DICE AND MEN : The Story of Dungeons & Dragons and The People Who Play ItBrilliance Audio, Inc.; Ewalt, David M.; Naramore, Mikael7 Compact disks (CD)