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An Introduction to money and banking / Colin D. Campbell, Rosemary CampbellCampbell, Colin D.; Campbell, Rosemary; CBS College Publishing561 p.
Macroeconomics / J. C. Poindexter [i.e. J. Carl Poindexter]CBS College Publishing; Poindexter, J. Carl525 p.
Reference guide to English : a handbook of English as a second language / Alice MaclinCBS College Publishing; Maclin, Alice405 p.
Study guide/workbook to accompany Wilson T. Price, Introduction to computer data processing, third edition / Lionel HeldCBS College Publishing; Held, Lionel; Price, Wilson T.196 p.
Cases for analysis in marketing / W. Wayne TalarzykCBS College Publishing; Talarzyk, W. Wayne378 p.
Introduction to personality / Walter MischelCBS College Publishing; Mischel, Walter623 p.
The Least you should know about vocabulary building : word roots / Teresa Ferster GlazierCBS College Publishing; Glazier, Teresa Ferster179 p.
Self-scoring workbook for Ambron, Child development, third edition / prepared by Aphra Katzev, Nancy BragdonAmbron; Bragdon, Nancy; CBS College Publishing; Katzev, Aphra1 v.
Shortcuts to basic writing skills : an innovative system in composition / Gary G. SteeleCBS College Publishing; Steele, Gary G.281 p.
The Exemplary middle school / William M. Alexander [i.e. William Marvin Alexander], Paul S. GeorgeAlexander, William Marvin; CBS College Publishing; George, Paul S.356 p.
Statistics / William L. Hays [i.e. William Lee Hays]CBS College Publishing; Hays, William Lee, 1926713 p.
Fundamentals of managerial economics / James L. Pappas, Eugene F. BrighamBrigham, Eugene F.; CBS College Publishing; Pappas, James L.460 p.
Industrial marketing management / Michael D. Hutt, Thomas W. SpehCBS College Publishing; Hutt, Michael D.; Speh, Thomas W.463 p.
Incomplete conquest : governing America / Theodore J. Lowi ; [manuscript editor and photo researcher, Jo-Anne Naples ; feature writer, Judith Bleicher]Bleicher, Judith; CBS College Publishing; Lowi, Theodore J.; Naples, Jo-Anne486 p.
Physiological psychology / Robert A. Levitt ; chapter coauthors, John H. Baltzer, Dorothy K. Burt, Michele A. Cusatis ... [et al.]Baltzer, John H.; Burt, Dorothy K.; CBS College Publishing; Cusatis, Michele A.; Levitt, Robert A.594 p.
Quantitative methods for decision making in business / Richard E. TruemanCBS College Publishing; Trueman, Richard E.733 p.
Student success : how to do better in college and still have time for your friends / Tim Walter, Al SiebertCBS College Publishing; Siebert, Al; Walter, Tim165 p.
Le Rendez-vous / Alain Robbe-Grillet, Yvone LenardCBS College Publishing; Grillet, Alain Robbe; Lenard, Yvone; Robbe-Grillet, Alain148 p.
Crucial issues in education / Henry Ehlers [i.e. Henry J. Ehlers]CBS College Publishing; Ehlers, Henry J.306 p.
Manual de laboratorio to accompany Habla Espanol? : An introductory course, second edition / Charles Stansfield, Maria StansfieldCBS College Publishing; Stansfield, Charles; Stansfield, Maria154 p.