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Human joints and their artificial replacements / by Peter S. WalkerCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Walker, Peter S.510 p.
Textbook of dental radiography / by Olaf E. Langland and Francis H. SippyCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Langland, Olaf E.; Sippy, Francis H.380 p.
Fundamentals of physical surveillance : a guide for uniformed and plainclothes personnel / by Raymond P. Siljander ; with a foreword by Drake PowersCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Powers, Drake; Siljander, Raymond P.268 p.
Genetic issues in public health and medicine / edited by Bernice H. Cohen, Abraham M. Lilienfeld, P. C. Huang [i.e. Pien-Chien Huang] ; with an introd. by Bentley GlassCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Cohen, Bernice H.; Glass, Bentley; Huang, P. C.; Huang, Pien-Chien, 1931; Lilienfeld, Abraham M.486 p.
Developmental disabilities of early childhood / edited by Barbara A. Feingold and Caryl L. BankBank, Caryl L.; Charles C. Thomas, Publisher; Feingold, Barbara A.195 p.
Management and supervision of small jails / by Frances O. Jansen and Ruth Johns ; with a foreword by Michael N. CanlisCanlis, Michael N.; Charles C. Thomas, Publisher; Jansen, Frances O.; Johns, Ruth, 1914341 p.
Understanding your diabetes / by Arthur R. Colwell, Jr. ; with a foreword by Arthur R. Colwell, SrCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Colwell, Arthur R., Jr.; Colwell, Arthur R., Sr.171 p.
The Psychological rehabilitation of the amputee / by Lawrence W. FriedmannCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Friedmann, Lawrence W.157 p.
Basic psychiatry for corrections workers / by Henry L. HartmanCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Hartman, Henry L.468 p.
Guidance program development / by Daniel L. Ballast and Ronald L. ShoemakerBallast, Daniel L.; Charles C. Thomas, Publisher; Shoemaker, Ronald L.85 p.
Epilepsy and you / by Frank O. Volle and Patricia A. HeronCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Heron, Patricia A., 1940; Volle, Frank O.72 p.
Horticulture for the disabled and disadvantaged / by Damon R. OlszowyCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Olszowy, Damon R.228 p.
An Introduction to organized crime / by Norman W. PhilcoxCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Philcox, Norman W.101 p.
How to examine the nervous system : techniques and methods / by R. T. Ross [i.e. Robert Thomas Ross] ; illustrated by Kathy L. KorkCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Kork, Kathy L.; Ross, R. T.; Ross, Robert Thomas, 1924124 p.
Introduction to mental retardation syndromes and terminology / by Byron C. Moore, Jane D. Haynes, Clarence R. Laing ; with a foreword by Willard AbrahamAbraham, Willard; Charles C. Thomas Publisher; Haynes, Jane D.; Laing, Clarence R.; Moore, Byron C.167 p.
Mechanizing microbiology / edited by Anthony N. Sharpe and David S. Clark ; with a foreword by Albert Balows ; [contributors, N. B. Bisciello, Jr., D. W. Blair, T. L. Blaney, ... et al.]Balows, Albert; Bisciello, N. B., Jr.; Blair, D. W.; Blaney, T. L.; Charles C. Thomas, Publisher; Clark, David S.; Sharpe, Anthony N.
Biokinetics and biodynamics of human differentiation : principles and applications / by E. Blechschmidt [i.e. Erich Blechschmidt] and R. F. Gasser [i.e. Raymond F. Gasser]Blechschmidt, E.; Blechschmidt, Erich, 1904; Charles C. Thomas, Publisher; Gasser, R. F.; Gasser, Raymond F.
The Cervical syndrome / by Ruth JacksonCharles C. Thomas, Publisher; Jackson, Ruth
Individual identification and the law enforcement officer / by Donald J. Nash ; with a foreword by Charles G. WilberCharles C. Thomas Publisher; Nash, Donald J.; Wilber, Charles G.165 p.
Teaching physically handicapped children : methods and materials / by Harold D. LoveCharles C. Thomas Publisher; Love, Harold D.165 p.