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Political society : a macrosociology of politics / Edward W. LehmanColumbia University Press; Lehman, Edward W.247 p.
Studies in oriental culture / Columbia UniversityColumbia University; Columbia University Press; Matisoff, Susan K., 1940print material.
The Process of economic planning / Zoltan KenesseyColumbia University Press; Kenessey, Zoltan, 1929400 p.
Economic development in the Philadelphia region, 1810-1850 / Diane LindstromColumbia University Press; Lindstrom, Diane, 1944255 p.
The Public opinion quarterly : organ of the American Association for Public Opinion Research / editor, Eleanor Singer ... [et al.]American Association for Public Opinion Research; Columbia University Press; Columbia University. Trustees.; Elsevier North-Holland, Inc.; Singer, Eleanor; The Trustees of Columbia University.print material.
Soviet criminologists and criminal policy : specialists in policy-making / Peter H. Solomon, JrColumbia University Press; Solomon, Peter H., Jr., 1942253 p.
Marxist models of literary realism / by George BisztrayBisztray, George, 1938; Columbia University Press247 p.
The Sapphire planet / Url Lanham [i.e. Urless Norton Lanham]Columbia University; Columbia University Press; Lanham, Url; Lanham, Urless Norton, 1918
Dickens and reality / John RomanoColumbia University Press; Romano, John, 1948
Play and aggression : a study of Rhesus monkeys / Donald SymonsBishop, John Melville; Columbia University Press; Goolsby, Je; Symons, Donald, 1942
Forest microclimatology / Richard LeeColumbia University Press; Lee, Richard, 1926
Chase, chance, and creativity : the lucky art of novelty / James H. AustinAustin, James H., 1925; Columbia University Press
Romanic review / [general editor, Michael Riffaterre ... et al.]Columbia University Press.; Riffaterre, Michaelprint material.
An Economic history of Argentina in the twentieth century / Laura Randall [i.e. Laura Regina Rosenbaum Randall]Columbia University Press; Randall, Laura Regina Rosenbaum, 1935
Symbolic anthropology : a reader in the study of symbols and meanings / editors, Janet L. Dolgin, David S. Kemnitzer, David M. Schneider [i.e. David Murray Schneider]Columbia University Press; Dolgin, Janet L., 1947; Kemnitzer, David S., 1950; Schneider, David Murray, 1918
From ritual to record : the nature of modern sports / Allen GuttmannColumbia University Press; Guttmann, Allen, 1932198 p.
The Chinese connection, Roger S. Greene, Thomas W. Lamont, George E. Sokolsky and American-East Asian relations / Warren I. CohenCohen, Warren I., 1934; Columbia University Press322 p.
Don’t ask me how the time goes by : poems, 1964-1968 / Jose Emilio Pacheco ; translated by Alastair ReidCenter for Inter-American Relations; Columbia University Press; Pacheco, Jose Emilio; Reid, Alastair, 1926155 p.
American speech : a quarterly of linguistic usage / editor, John Algeo ... [et al.]Algeo, John; Columbia University Press; The University of Alabama Pressprint material.
Iskandarnamah : a Persian medieval Alexander-romance / translated by [i.e. introd., translation, glossary, appendix I, II, III, afterword, bibliography, index] Minoo S. SouthgateColumbia University Press; Southgate, Minoo S., 1943237 p.