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Classics of science seriesDover Publications, Inc.; Kauffman, George B.print material.
The 3-D alphabet coloring book / by Jean LarcherDover Publications, Inc.; Larcher, Jean26 p.
Art nouveau stained glass pattern book : 104 designs for workable projects / Ed Sibbett, Jr..Dover Publications, Inc.; Sibbett, Ed, Jr.60 p.
Contemporary stained glass projects with full-size templates / Ed Sibbett, Jr..Dover Publications, Inc.; Sibbett, Ed, Jr.1 v.
World War I uniforms coloring book / Peter F. CopelandCopeland, Peter F.; Dover Publications, Inc.1 v.
Traditional Chinese cut-paper designs / collected and edited by Bernd Melchers ; [English translation specially prepared for the present ed. by Stanley Appelbaum]Appelbaum, Stanley; Dover Publications, Inc.; Melchers, Bernd64 p.
The Great circus street parade in pictures / by Charles Philip Fox and F. Beverly KelleyDover Publications, Inc.; Fox, Charles Philip; Kelley, F. Beverly127 p.
Scroll ornaments of the early Victorian period : 71 engravings / by F. KnightDover Publications, Inc.; Knight, F.47 p.
Muray’s Celebrity portraits of the twenties and thirties : 135 photographs / by Nickolas Muray ; introd. by Marianne Fulton MargolisDover Publications, Inc.; Margolis, Marianne Fulton; Muray, Nickolas134 p.
The Great opera stars in historic photographs : 343 portraits from the 1850s to the 1940s / edited by James CamnerCamner, James; Dover Publications, Inc.199 p.
French satirical drawings from "L’Assiette au beurre" / selection, translations and text by Stanley AppelbaumAppelbaum, Stanley; Dover Publications, Inc.161 p.
Thirty-two picture postcards of old Atlanta : ready to mail / edited by the Atlanta Historical SocietyAtlanta Historical Society; Dover Publications, Inc.1 v.
Erte graphics : five complete suites reproduced in full color : the seasons, the alphabet, the numerals, the aces, the precious stones = Erte : cinq suites de lithographies : les saisons, l’alphabet, les chiffres, les as, les pierres precieuses / pref. by (pref. de) Salome EstorickDeTirtoff, Romain, pseud.; Dover Publications, Inc.; Erte; Estorick, Salome; Sevenarts, Ltd.; Tirtoff, Romain D, pseud.46 p.
Masters of mystery : a study of the detective story / by H. Douglas Thomson ; with a new introd. by E. F. BleilerBleiler, E. F.; Dover Publications, Inc.; Thomson, H. Douglas288 p.
Nineteenth-century American piano music / selected & introduced by John GillespieDover Publications, Inc.; Gillespie, John323 p.
Tropical fish coloring book / Stefen Bernath ; with text by James W. AtzAtz, J. W.; Atz, James W.; Bernath, Stefan; Bernath, Stefen; Dover Publications, Inc.32 p.
Crocheting bedspreads / edited by Rita WeissDover Publications, Inc.; Weiss, Rita48 p.
The Magic moving alphabet book / Frank J. MooreDover Publications, Inc.; Moore, Frank J.1 v.
Erte fashion paper dolls of the twenties / rendered by Susan JohnstonDover Publications, Inc.; Johnston, Susan1 v.
Ancient Egyptian cut and use stencils : 50 full size stencils printed on durable stencil paper / Theodore MentenDover Publications, Inc.; Menten, Theodore1 v.