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Careers in Focus: Physicians, Second EditionFerguson Publishing, an imprint of Infobase Publishing; Infobase PublishingBook, 204 p.
The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2011Infobase Publishing; World Almanac BooksBook, p. 1008.
FoodInfobase PublishingBook, 168 p.
Environment and Natural ResourcesInfobase PublishingBook, 174 p.
Death of A Salesman, New EditionInfobase PublishingBook, 127 p.
Great Historic Disasters: The San Francisco Earthquake of 1889 and Fire of 1906Infobase PublishingBook, 128 p.
Ritalin and Related DrugsInfobase PublishingBook, 117 p.
Nutrition and Disease PreventionInfobase PublishingBook, 191 p.
Bloom’s How to Write about George OrwellInfobase PublishingBook, 239 p.
Election Reform, Second EditionInfobase PublishingBook, 119 p.
Bloom’s How to Write about Shakespeare’s HistoriesInfobase PublishingBook, 280 p.
Samuel Beckett, New EditionInfobase PublishingBook, 166 p.
T.S. Eliot, New EditionInfobase PublishingBook, 194 p.
George Bernard Shaw, New EditionInfobase PublishingBook, 188 p.
Nutrition for Sports and Exercise, Second EditionInfobase PublishingBook, 192 p.
Dante Alighieri, New EditionInfobase PublishingBook, 234 p.
Light and SoundInfobase Publishing109 p.
Germ TheoryInfobase PublishingBook, 127 p.
The Scarlet Letter, New EditionInfobase PublishingBook, 103 p.
William ShakespeareInfobase PublishingBook, 539 p.