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Coding Companion for Orthopaedics - Upper: Spine and Above 2012. [Published: 2011-12-01. Issue: ]Ingenix, Inc.Book, 718 p.
Coding Companion for Ophthalmology 2012. [Published: 2011-12-01. Issue: ]Ingenix, Inc.
Coding Companion for Emergency Medicine 2012Ingenix, Inc.Book, 462 p.
Coding Companion for ENT/Allergy/Pulmonology 2012Ingenix, Inc.Book, 717 p.
ICD-9-CM Expert for Hospitals and Payers, Volumes 1, 2 & 3Ingenix, Inc.Book.
Coding Companion for Orthopaedics - Lower: Hips and Below 2012Ingenix, Inc.Book, 636 p.
2012 ICD-9-CM Expert For Physicians, Volumes 1 and 2Ingenix, Inc.Book.
CPT Expert 2012Ingenix, Inc.Book.
Coding Companion for Neurosurgery/Neurology 2012Ingenix, Inc.Book, 569 p.
Ingenix Learning Medical Billing Basics 2012Ingenix, Inc.Book, 373 p.
Ingenix Learning Facilities and Ancillary Services 2012Ingenix, Inc.Book, 509 p.
The Essential RBRVS 2012Ingenix, Inc.Book, 1 v.
2012 Physicians’ Compliance GuideIngenix, Inc.Book, 530 p.
2012 Ingenix Learning Comprehensive Instruction in the Use of Procedure CodesIngenix, Inc.Book, 337 p.
2012 Regulatory Audits Desk ReferenceIngenix, Inc.Book, 349 p.
2012 ICD- I O-PCS MappingsIngenix, Inc.Book, 1296 p.
2012 Ingenix Leaming Understanding E/M CodingIngenix, Inc.Book, 305 p.
2012 Coding Guide OMSIngenix, Inc.Book, 724 p.
HCPCS Level II Expert 2012Ingenix, Inc.Book, 211 p.
2012 Coding Guide for Dental ServicesIngenix, Inc.Book, 388 p.