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Essays on economic policy / J. Marcus Fleming [i.e. John Marcus Fleming]Columbia University Press; Fleming, J. Marcus; Fleming, John Marcus, 1911-1976; International Monetary Fund381 p.
Adjustment and financing in the developing world : the role of the International Monetary Fund / edited by Tony KillickInternational Monetary Fund; Killick, Tony; Overseas Development Institute232 p.
Commodity Price Volatility and Inclusive Growth in Low-Income CountriesInternational Monetary FundBook, 384 p.
Regional Economic Outlook, October 2012: Sub-Saharan Africa - Maintaining Growth in an Uncertain WorldInternational Monetary FundBook, 111 p.
Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions 2012International Monetary FundBook, 88 p. + CD-ROM.
Managing Global Growth Risks and Commodity Price Shocks: Vulnerabilities and Policy Challenges for Low-Income CountriesInternational Monetary FundBook, 73 p.
International Monetary Fund Annual Report 2012: Working Together To Support Global RecoveryInternational Monetary FundBook, 72 p.
Global Financial Stability Report, October 2012: Restoring Confidence and Progressing on ReformsInternational Monetary FundBook, 186 p.
International Monetary Fund Annual Report 2012: Financial StatementsInternational Monetary FundBook, 76 p.
Tearing Down Walls: The International Monetary Fund 1990-1999International Monetary FundBook, 968 p.
World Economic Outlook: Growth Resuming, Dangers RemainInternational Monetary FundBook, 229 p.
Selected Decisions and Selected Documents of the International Monetary Fund, Thirty-Sixth IssueInternational Monetary FundBook, 999 p.
How Emerging Europe Came Through the 2008/09 Crisis: An Account by the Staff of the IMF’s European DepartmentInternational Monetary FundBook, 328 p.
Oil Wealth in Central Africa: Policies for Inclusive GrowthInternational Monetary FundBook, 226 p.
Fiscal Policy to Mitigate Climate Change: A Guide for PolicymakersInterantional Monetary Fund; International Monetary FundBook, 198 p.
Enhancing Development Assistance to Africa: Lessons from Scaling-Up ScenariosInternational Monetary FundBook, 67 p.
Global Financial Stability Report April 2012: The Quest for Lasting StabilityInternational Monetary FundBook, 165 p.
Public Sector Debt Statistics Guide for Compilers and UsersInternational Monetary FundBook, 219 p.
Changing Patterns of Global TradeInternational Monetary FundBook, 77 p.
Building a More Resilient Financial Sector - Reforms in the Wake of the Global CrisisInternational Monetary FundBook, 278 p.