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Readings in architecture and urban design / by Ronald V. WiedenhoeftKendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Wiedenhoeft, Ron; Wiedenhoeft, Ronald V.66 p.
The Simple art of E K G interpretation : a self-instructional manual for nursing professionals and other related species / Karen S. EhratEhrat, Karen S.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company239 p.
Laboratory exercises in astronomy / John L. SafkoKendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Safko, John L.370 p.
Activities for health science / Jack V. Toohey, Thomas L. Dezelsky ; [ill. by Nancy Hawkes]Dezelsky, Thomas L.; Hawkes, Nancy; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Toohey, Jack V.162 p.
An Introduction to the aquatic insects of North America / edited by Richard W. Merritt and Kenneth W. CumminsCummins, Kenneth W.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Merritt, Richard W.441 p.
Supervising student teachers : a practical approach / Robert E. MaysKendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Mays, Robert E.40 p.
Breaking the barriers in public speaking / Win KelleyKelley, Win; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company172 p.
Personalized weight training for fitness and athletics : from theory to practice / Frederick C. Hatfield, March L. KroteeHatfield, Frederick C.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Krotee, March L.104 p.
The Act of theatre / Will B. Grant, JrGrant, Will B., Jr.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company140 p.
The Criminal child / edited by Alison M. Belkin ; foreword by Ronald L. CarlsonBelkin, Alison M.; Carlson, Ronald L.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company183 p.
Extra-marital relationships / Lewis RossKendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Ross, Lewis128 p.
Everything you always wanted to know about statistics, but didn’t know how to ask / James K. BrewerBrewer, James K.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company124 p.
The Parent-teacher bond : relating, responding, rewarding / Kevin J. Swick, R. Eleanor DuffDuff, R. Eleanor; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Swick, Kevin J.194 p.
Educating the forgotten half : structured activities for learning / James L. Lee, Charles J. PulvinoKendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Lee, James L.; Pulvino, Charles J.124 p.
New Jersey : garden or suburb? : A geography of New Jersey / Frank S. Kelland, Marylin C. KellandKelland, Frank S.; Kelland, Marylin C.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company250 p.
Kent State and May 4th : a social science perspective / Thomas R. Hensley, Jerry M. LewisHensley, Thomas R.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Lewis, Jerry M.167 p.
Laboratory manual : science of hi-fidelity / Kenneth W. Johnson, Willard C. Walker, John D. CutnellCutnell, John D.; Johnson, Kenneth W.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company; Walker, Willard C.153 p.
Art research methods and resources : a guide to finding art information / Lois Swan JonesJones, Lois Swan; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company243 p.
Laboratory instructions for Chemistry 12 and 712 / Lawrence M. EpsteinEpstein, Lawrence M.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company54 p.
Laboratory instructions for Chemistry 11 and 711 / prepared by Lawrence M. EpsteinEpstein, Lawrence M.; Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company74 p.