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British regulars in Montreal : an Imperial garrison, 1832-1854 / Elinor Kyte SeniorMcGill-Queen’s University Press; Senior, Elinor Kyte288 p.
Federal-provincial collaboration : the Canada--New Brunswick general development agreement / Donald J. SavoieInstitut d’Administration Publique du Canada.; Institute of Public Administration of Canada; McGill-Queen’s University Press; Savoie, Donald J.188 p.
Catholic power in the Netherlands / Herman BakvisBakvis, Herman, 1948; McGill-Queen’s University Press240 p.
George-Etienne Cartier : Montreal bourgeois / Brian Young [i.e. Brian J. Young]McGill-Queen’s University Press; Young, Brian J., 1940181 p.
Letters of Bliss Carman / edited by H. Pearson GundyCarman, Bliss, 1861-1929; Gundy, H. Pearson, 1905; McGill-Queen’s University Press388 p.
Quebec nationalism in crisis / Dominique CliftClift, Dominique; McGill-Queen’s University Press155 p.
The Picturesque prison : Evelyn Waugh and his writing / Jeffrey Heath [i.e. Jeffrey M. Heath]Heath, Jeffrey M., 1943; McGill-Queen’s University Press; Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-1966334 p.
The Welfare state and Canadian Federalism / Keith G. BantingBanting, Keith G., 1947; McGill-Queen’s University Press226 p.
The Story of Shaw’s Saint Joan / Brian TysonMcGill-Queen’s University Press; Tyson, Brian 1933142 p.
Problems of Cartesianism / edited by Thomas M. Lennon [i.e. Thomas Michael Lennon], John M. Nicholas, John W. DavisDavis, John W., 1921; Duchesneau, Francois; Lennon, Thomas Michael, 1942; McGill-Queen’s University Press; Nicholas, John M.; Roger, Jacques; Watson, Richard A.253 p.
Living FactoriesFish, Kenneth; McGill-Queen’s University PressBook, 224 p.
Canadian MedicareDuckett, Stephen; McGill-Queen’s University Press; Peetoom, AdrianBook, 189 p.
Image-Building in Canadian MunicipalitiesHarvey, Jean; McGill-Queen’s University Press; Young, RobertBook, 206 p.
Whatever Happened to the Music Teacher?McGill-Queen’s University Press; Savoie, Donald J.Book, 324 p.
Time in TimeMcGill-Queen’s University Press; Smith, J. MarkBook, 240 p.
Perceptions of a Monarchy without a KingMcGill-Queen’s University Press; Woodford, BenjaminBook, 243 p.
Liberal NationalismsKennedy, James; McGill-Queen’s University PressBook, 322 p.
The Writing LifeFetherling, George; McGill-Queen’s University PressBook, 414 p.
Sex, Lies, and CigarettesCook, Sharon Anne; McGill-Queen’s University PressBook.
Reaching Outward and UpwardMacPherson, Ian; McGill-Queen’s University PressBook.