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The Korean frontier in America, immigration to Hawaii, 1896-1910 / Wayne K. PattersonPatterson, Wayne K., 1946Microfilm.
The Koreans in America / Wayne Patterson, Hyung-Chan KimKim, Hyung-Chan; Lerner Publications Company; Patterson, Wayne62 p.
A Study of perceived differences in administration of school districts in ... / Lowell W. PattersonPatterson, Lowell Wayne, 1933Microfiche.
Awo Foforo : the first bookPatterson, Derek Wayne
The Koreans in Hawaii : a pictorial history, 1903-2003 / Roberta Chang, with Wayne PattersonChang, Roberta Whak Sil; Patterson, Wayne; University of Hawaii Press224 p.
The Ilse : first-generation Korean immigrants in Hawai’i, 1903-1973 / Wayne PattersonPatterson, Wayne, 1946; University of Hawai’i Press275 p.
Korean-American relations, 1866-1997 / edited by Yor-bok Lee and Wayne PattersonLee, Yor-bok, 1934; Patterson, Wayne, 1946; State University of New York207 p.
Appraising the catchwords, c. 1942-1959 : John Cage’s Asian-derived rhetoric and the historical reference of Black Mountain CollegePatterson, David WayneMicrofiche.
The golden mountain : the autobiography of a Korean immigrant, 1895-1960 / Easurk Emsen Charr ; edited and with an introd. by Wayne PattersonCharr, Easurk Emsen; Patterson, Wayne; University of Illinois. Board of Trustees315 p.
US-Korean relations / Donald N. Clark, Wayne Patterson, Lawrence B. Krause ... [et al.]Clark, Donald N.; Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies; Krause, Lawrence B.; Patterson, Wayne105 p.
The central driving safety workshopPatterson, Leonard Wayne, 19361 v.
Bertrand Russell’s philosophy of logical atomism / Wayne A. PattersonPatterson, Wayne A., 1944; Peter Lang Publishing364 p.
The Korean frontier in America : immigration to Hawaii, 1896-1910 / Wayne PattersonPatterson, Wayne, 1946; University of Hawaii Press274 p.
Mathematical cryptology for computer scientists and mathematicians / Wayne PattersonPatterson, Wayne, 1945; Rowman & Littlefield312 p.
One Hundred years of Korean-American relations, 1882-1982 / edited by Yur-bok Lee and Wayne PattersonAmerican Historical Association; Association of Asian Studies; Conroy, Hilary, 1919; Harrington, Fred Harvey, 1912; Kang, Wi Jo, 1930; Lee, Yur-bok, 1934; Patterson, Wayne, 1946; University of Alabama Press188 p.
Japan in transition : thought and action in the Meiji era, 1868-1912 / edited by Hilary Conroy, Sandra T. W. Davis, and Wayne PattersonAssociated University Presses; Conroy, Hilary, 1919; Davis, Sandra T. W.; Patterson, Wayne318 p.
The Music of William C Wright: Solo Piano and vocal Works 1847-1893Patterson, David Waye; Patterson, David Wayne, 1962Compact disc.
DaydreamCarlson, David Michael, 1986; Long, Alexander, 1988; Patterson, Robert Wayne, Jr; Patterson, Robert Wayne, Jr., 1988; Wehri, Alexander, 1989Electronic file (eservice)