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Reading Romans as a diatribe / Changwon SongPeter Lang Publishing, Inc.; Song, Changwon, 1959147 p.
Assimilating the primitive : parallel dialogues on racial miscegenation in Revolutionary Mexico / Kelley R. SwarthoutPeter Lang Publishing, Inc.; Swarthout, Kelley R., 1960179 p.
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Beyond self-esteem : narratives of self-knowledge & devotion to others / Thomas J. CottleCottle, Thomas J., 1937; Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.202 p.
Teen dating violence : the invisible peril / Susan M. SandersPeter Lang Publishing, Inc.; Sanders, Susan M., 1951177 p.
Hope in times of war : a theological ethic of contemporary conflict / David E. RobertPeter Lang Publishing, Inc.; Roberts, David E., 1967199 p.
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Drawing upon the past : classical theatre in the contemporary American theate / Robert J. AndreachAndreach, Robert J., 1930; Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.234 p.
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Theatre and consciousness : the nature of bio-evolutionary complexity in the arts / Gordon Scott ArmstrongArmstrong, Gordon Scott, 1937; Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.177 p.
Death and dying, spirituality and religions : a study of the death awareness movement / Lucy BregmanBregman, Lucy, 1944; Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.233 p.
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