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Learn to lead : a handbook for postsecondary administrators / James R. DavisAmerican Council on Education; Davis, James R.; Greenwood Publishers Group, Inc. Praeger Publishers; Praeger Publishers249 p.
For a new policy of international development / Angelos Th. Angelopoulos [i.e. Angelos Theodorou Angelopoulos] ; foreword by Guido CarliAngelopoulos, Angelos Theodorou, 1904; Carli, Guido; Praeger Publishers137 p.
Oil company divestiture and the press : economic vs. journalistic perceptions / Barbara Hobbie ; foreword by Richard B. ManckeHobbie, Barbara, 1946; Mancke, Richard B.; Praeger Publishers167 p.
Taxation of multinationals in communist countries / Paul JonasJonas, Paul, 1922; Praeger Publishers88 p.
Employment, income, and welfare in the rural South / Brian Rungeling [i.e. Brian S. Rungeling], Lewis H. Smith, Vernon M. Briggs, Jr., John F. AdamsAdams, John F.; Briggs, Vernon M., Jr.; Praeger Publishers; Rungeling, Brian S.; Smith, Lewis H.355 p.
Foreign policy making in the Middle East : domestic influences on policy in Egypt, Iraq, Israel, and Syria / R. D. McLaurin [i.e. Ronald De McLaurin], Mohammed Mughisuddin, Abraham R. WagnerMcLaurin, R. D.; McLaurin, Ronald De, 1944; Mughisuddin, Mohammed; Praeger Publishers, Inc.; Wagner, Abraham R.313 p.
The Military in contemporary Soviet politics : an institutional analysis / Edward L. Warner 3dPraeger Publishers; Warner, Edward L. 3d314 p.
Economic advice and executive policy : recommendations from past members of the Council of Economic Advisers / edited by Werner SichelPraeger Publishers; Sichel, Werner116 p.
Passage through abortion : the personal and social reality of women’s experiences / Mary K. Zimmerman ; foreword by Harold FinestoneFinestone, Harold; Praeger Publishers; Zimmerman, Mary K.
Monetary policy and the open economy : Mexico’s experience / D. Sykes WilfordPraeger Publishers; Wilford, D. Sykes
Ethnic conflict in international relations / edited by Astri Suhrke, Lela Garner NobleNoble, Lela Garner; Praeger Publishers; Suhrke, Astri
Inflation and the use of indexing in developing countries / Gustav Donald JudJud, Gustav Donald; Praeger Publishers
The Commercial future of Hong Kong / William F. BeazerBeazer, William F.; Praeger Publishers
State policies and federal programs : priorities and constraints : [a Twentieth Century Fund report] / Peter Passell, Leonard RossPassell, Peter; Praeger Publishers; Ross, Leonard; Twentieth Century Fund
Trade policy and the U. S. automobile industry / Eric J. Toder, with Nicholas Scott Cardell, Ellen BurtonBurton, Ellen; Cardell, Nicholas Scott; Praeger Publishers; Toder, Eric J.
The New and the old criminology / edited by Edith Elisabeth Flynn, John P. Conrad [i.e. John Phillips Conrad]Conrad, John Phillips, 1913; Flynn, Edith Elisabeth; Praeger Publishers
The Foreign policies of West European socialist parties / edited by Werner J. FeldFeld, Werner J.; Praeger Publishers
Inflation and unemployment in France : a quantitative analysis / Jan Marczewski ; translated by Marian ReedsMarczewski, Jan, 1908; Praeger Publishers; Reeds, Marian200 p.
Organization design for primary health care : the case of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center / Noel M. Tichy ; foreword by Amitai EtzioniEtzioni, Amitai; Praeger Publishers; Tichy, Noel M.
Student attitudes and academic environments : a study of California higher education / Harvey E. Rich, Pamela M. JolicoeurJolicoeur, Pamela M.; Praeger Publishers; Rich, Harvey E.