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Pathobiology annual / series editor, Harry L. IoachimAppleton-Century-Crofts, a publishing division of Prentice-Hall, Inc.; Ioachim, Harry L.; Prentice-Hall, Inc. Appleton-Century-Crofts; Raven Press Books, Ltd.print material.
International Brain Research Organization monograph series / series editor, Mary A. B. Brazier [i.e. Mary Agnes Burniston Brazier]Brazier, Mary Agnes Burniston; International Brain Research Organization; Petsche, Hellmuth; Raven Press Books, Ltd.print material.
Anencephaly / Ronald J. Lemire, J. Bruce Beckwith, Josef WarkanyBeckwith, J. Bruce, 1933; Lemire, Ronald J., 1933; Raven Press Books, Ltd.; Warkany, Josef, 1902
Leukocyte chemotaxis : methods, physiology, and clinical implications / edited by John I. Gallin, Paul G. QuieGallin, John I.; Quie, Paul G.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.429 p.
Research publications / Associaton for Research in Nervous and Mental DiseaseAssociaton for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease.; Baldessarini, Ross J., 1937; Martin, Joseph B.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.; Reichlin, Seymourprint material.
Membrane transport processes : v. 2 / editors, Daniel C. Tosteson, Yu. A. Ovchinnikov [i.e. Iurii Anatol’evich Ovchinnikov], Ramon LattoreLattore, Ramon; Ovchinnikov, Iurii Anatol’evich, 1934; Ovchinnikov, Yu. A.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.; Tosteson, Daniel C., 1925452 p.
Current concepts in migraine research / edited by Raymond GreeneGreene, Raymond, 1901; Raven Press Books, Ltd.169 p.
Antiepileptic drugs : quantitative analysis and interpretation / editors, [i.e. compilation & additional text] C. E. Pippenger, J. Kiffin Penry, Henn KuttKutt, Henn; Penry, J. Kiffin, 1929; Pippenger, C. E.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.367 p.
The Aging reproductive system / edited [i.e. compilation & additional text] by Edward L. SchneiderRaven Press Books, Ltd.; Schneider, Edward L.279 p.
Advances in polyamine research : v. 2 / volume editors, Robert A. Campbell, David R. Morris, Dagmar Bartos ... [et al.]Bartos, Dagmar; Campbell, Robert A.; Morris, David R.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.377 p.
Critical issues in psychiatric diagnosis / edited by Robert L. Spitzer, Donald F. KleinKlein, Donald F., 1928; Raven Press Books, Ltd.; Spitzer, Robert L.343 p.
Taurine and neurological disorders / edited by Andre Barbeau, Ryan J. HuxtableBarbeau, Andre; Huxtable, Ryan J.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.
Parkinson’s disease : a guide for patient and family / Roger C. DuvoisinDuvoisin, Roger C.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.196 p.
Gilles DeLaTourette syndrome / Arthur K. Shapiro, Ruth D. Bruun, Elaine S. Shapiro, Richard D. SweetBruun, Ruth D.; Raven Press Books, Ltd; Shapiro, Arthur K.; Shapiro, Elaine S.; Sweet, Richard D.437 p.
Neuronal plasticity / edited [compilation and additional text] by Carl W. CotmanCotman, Carl W.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.
Interactions between putative neurotransmitters in the brain / editors, S. Garattini [i.e. Silvio Garattini], J. F. Pujol, R. SamaninGarattini, Silvio; Pujol, J. F.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.; Samanin, R.
Reviews of neuroscience / editors-in-chief, Seymour Ehrenpreis ... [et al.]Ehrenpreis, Seymour; Raven Press Books, Ltd.print material.
Advances in biochemical pyschopharmacology / series editors, Erminio Costa, Paul GreengardCosta, Erminio; Greengard, Paul; Iversen, Leslie L.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.; Roberts, Peter J.; Trabucchi, Marco; Woodruff, Geoffrey N.print material.
Psychopharmacology of thiothixene / Thomas A. BanBan, Thomas A.; Raven Press Books, Ltd.
Perspectives in virologyGustav Stern Symposium, 10th; Pollard, Morris; Raven Press Books, Ltd.print material.