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The Sportflier’s guide to RC soaring / Jeff TroyMcGraw-Hill, Inc. Tab Books, Inc.; Troy, Jeff, 19471 v.
Analog switches : applications & projects / Delton T. HornHorn, Delton T.; McGraw-Hill, Inc. Tab Books, Inc.1 v.
Building plastic model aircraft / Richard MarmoMarmo, Richard; McGraw-Hill, Inc. Tab Books, Inc.1 v.
80386 macro assembler and toolkit / Pen Brumm and Don BrummBrumm, Don; Brumm, Pen; McGraw-Hill, Inc. Tab Books, Inc.1 v.
Passing the torch : transfer strategies for your family business / Mike CohnCohn, Mike; McGraw-Hill, Inc. Tab Books, Inc.; TAB Books, a division of McGraw-Hill, Inc.1 v.
Sound synthesis : analog and digital techniques / Terence ThomasMcGraw-Hill, Inc. Tab Books, Inc.; Thomas, Terence, 19421 v.
From ramshackle to resale : fixing up old houses for resale / Carol BoyleBoyle, Carol, 1934; McGraw-Hill, Inc. Tab Books, Inc.1 v.
The Illustrated encyclopedia of general aviation / Paul GarrisonGarrison, Paul; McGraw-Hill, Inc. Tab Books, Inc.1 v.
Standard aircraft handbook / edited by Larry Reithmaier [i.e. Lawrence W. Reithmaier], oringinally [sic] compiled and edited by Stuart Leavell, Stanley BungayAero Publishers, Inc.; Bungay, Stanley; Leavell, Stuart; Reithmaier, Larry; Reithmaier, Lawrence W., 1921; Tab Books, Inc.; Tab Books, Inc. Aero Publishers, Inc.print material.
Beginner’s guide to TV repairTab Books, Inc.; Zwick, George, 1910224 p.
How to troubleshoot & repair amateur radio equipment / by Joseph J. CarrCarr, Joseph J.; Tab Books, Inc.448 p.
How to design & build your own furniture / by Raymond D. BrownBrown, Raymond D.; Tab Books, Inc.272 p.
The Master I C cookbook / by Clayton L. HallmarkHallmark, Clayton L.; Tab Books, Inc.476 p.
1001 things to do with your personal computer / by Mark SawuschSawusch, Mark; Tab Books, Inc.335 p.
Practical electronics math / by Victor F. Veley & John J. DulinDulin, John J.; Tab Books, Inc.; Veley, Victor F.504 p.
Electronic music synthesizers / by Delton T. HornHorn, Delton T.; Tab Books, Inc.168 p.
Advanced flight maneuvers & aerobatics / by Robert T. SmithSmith, Robert T., 1932; Tab Books, Inc.128 p.
The Bicycle builder’s bible / [by Jack Wiley]Tab Books, Inc.; Wiley, Jack376 p.
Care & repair of boat auxiliary systems / by David MacLeanMacLean, David, 1921; Tab Books, Inc.144 p.
Basic woodworking & carpentry : with projects / by Jerrold R. CliffordClifford, Jerrold R.; Tab Books, Inc.254 p.