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Room for error / Charles MartinMartin, Charles, 1942; University of Georgia Press
Colonial records of the State of GeorgiaCandler, Allen D.; Coleman, Kenneth; Ready, Milton, 1938; Reynolds, John; University of Georgia Pressprint material.
Anti-Nazi writers in exile / Egbert KrispynKrispyn, Egbert; University of Georgia Press200 p.
The Child figure in English literature / Robert PattisonPattison, Robert; University of Georgia Press190 p.
Milledgeville : Georgia’s antebellum capital / James C. BonnerBonner, James C., 1904; University of Georgia Press307 p.
Interethnic communication / editor, E. Lamar RossRoss, E. Lamar; Southern Anthropological Society; University of Georgia Press148 p.
The Small group in political science, the last two decades of development / edited by Robert T. GolembiewskiGolembiewski, Robert T.; University of Georgia Press519 p.
John Ross, Cherokee chief / Gary E. MoultonMoulton, Gary E.; University of Georgia Press282 p.
Laurence Sterne and the origins of the musical novel / William FreedmanFreedman, William; The University of Georgia Press213 p.
Ben Jonson’s London : a Jacobean placename dictionary / Fran C. ChalfantChalfant, Fran C.; The University of Georgia Press215 p.
Imagining a unicorn / Barry SpacksSpacks, Barry; University of Georgia Press72 p.
Hobbes and Locke : power and consent / Ramon M. LemosLemos, Ramon M., 1927; University of Georgia Press185 p.
William Berry Hartsfield, Mayor of Atlanta / Harold H. MartinMartin, Harold H.; University of Georgia Press230 p.
The Department of State on the eve of the First World War / Rachel WestUniversity of Georgia Press; West, Rachel183 p.
Christianity and political philosophy / Frederick D. WilhelmsenUniversity of Georgia Press; Wilhelmsen, Frederick D.243 p.
The Probable and the marvelous : Blake, Wordsworth, and the eighteenth-century critical tradition / Wallace JacksonJackson, Wallace, 1930; The University of Georgia Press218 p.
The Sacred harp : a tradition and its music / Buell E. Cobb, JrCobb, Buell E., Jr.; University of Georgia Press245 p.
De miseria condicionis humane / Lotario dei Segni (Pope Innocent 3d) ; edited by Robert E. LewisInnocent 3d, Pope, 1160/61-1216; Lewis, Robert E.; Lotario dei Segni.; University of Georgia Press303 p.
The Unity of The Faerie queene / Ronald Arthur HortonHorton, Ronald Arthur, 1936; University of Georgia Press226 p.
Negotiator out of season : the career of Wilhelm Egon VonFuerstenberg, 1629 to 1704 / by John T. O’ConnorO’Connor, John T.; University of Georgia Press263 p.