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NOTES FOR MY BODY DOUBLEBoard of Regents of the University of Nebraska c/o University of Nebraska, Press; Guest, Paul, 1974Book, 78 p.
Axes: Willa Cather and William FaulknerBoard of Regents of the University of Nebraska c/o University Of Nebraska Press; Skaggs, Merrill MaguireBook, 201 p.
THE WORDS AND MUSIC OF FRANK ZAPPABoard of Regents of the University of Nebraska, c/o University of Nebraska Press; Lowe, Kelly FisherBook, 259p.
Wolf of the Steppes : the complete Cossack adventures : vol. 1JONES, HOWARD ANDREW; Lamb, Harold; Stirling, S. M.; University of Nebraska Press. Board of Regents
Afro-Cuban tales : cuentos negro de Cuba / Lydia Cabrera ; translated by Alberto Hernandez-Chiroldes & Lauren Yoder ; with introd. by Isabel CastellanosCabrera, Lydia; Castellanos, Isabel; Chiroldes, Juan Alberto Hernandez; Hernandez-Chiroldes, Juan Alberto; University of Nebraska Press; University of Nebraska Press. Board of Regents; Yoder, Lauren Wayne169 p
Leopold’s maneuvers / Cortney DavisDavis, Cortney, 1945; Davis, Courtney; University of Nebraska Press. Board of Regents67 p.
Alejandro Tsakimp : a Shuar healer in the margins of history / Steven RubensteinRubenstein, Steven Lee, 1962; University of Nebraska Press. Board of Regents322 p.
Sheridan’s comedies, their contexts and achievements / Mark S. Auburn [i.e. Mark Stuart Auburn]Auburn, Mark Stuart, 1945; University of Nebraska Press221 p.
Medical dimensions of mental retardation / By Frank J. Menolascino [i.e. Frank Joseph Menolascino], Michael L. Egger [i.e. Michael Lee Egger]Egger, Michael Lee, 1949; Menolascino, Frank Joseph, 1930; University of Nebraska Press477 p.
The Song of the lark : 1915 edition / by Willa Cather [i.e. Willa Sibert Cather]Cather, Willa Sibert, 1873-1947; Faulkner, Virginia Louise, 1913; University of Nebraska Press489 p.
Yaqui women : contemporary life histories / by Jane Holden Kelley [i.e. Narcissa Jane Holden Kelley]Kelley, Jane Holden; Kelley, Narcissa Jane Holden, 1928; University of Nebraska Press265 p.
The Italian Nationalist Association and the rise of fascism in Italy / Alexander J. DeGrand [i.e. Alexander Joseph DeGrand]DeGrand, ALexander Joseph, 1938; University of Nebraska Press238 p.
Climatic atlas of Nebraska / project director, Merlin P. Lawson [i.e. Merlin Paul Lawson] ; contributing authors, Merlin P. Lawson, Kenneth F. Dewey [i.e. Kenneth Frederic Dewey], Ralph E. Neild [i.e. Ralph Eugene Neild] ; cartographer, John D. MagillDewey, Kenneth Frederic, 1947; Lawson, Merlin Paul, 1941; Magill, John D.; Neild, Ralph Eugene, 1924; University of Nebraska Press88 p. + transparency.
The Pioneer heritage seriesEastman, Elaine Goodale, 1863-1953; Giardino, John R.; Graber, Kay, 1938; University of Nebraska Pressprint material.
Prairie schoonerUniversity of Nebraska Press.print material.
The Novels of Wright Morris : a critical interpretation / by G. B. Crump [i.e. Gail Bruce Crump]Crump, G. B.; Crump, Gail Bruce, 1942; University of Nebraska Press
The Fall of the royal government in Mexico City / Timothy E. Anna [i.e. Timothy Eagan Anna]Anna, Timothy Eagan, 1944; University of Nebraska Press
Shakespeare’s romances reconsidered / edited by [i.e. foreword, editing & compilation] Carol McGinnis Kay and Henry E. Jacobs [i.e. Henry Edward Jacobs]Jacobs, Henry Edward, 1946; Kay, Carol McGinnis, 1941; University of Nebraska Press
The Later Jacobean and Caroline dramatists : a survey and bibliography of recent studies in English Renaissance drama / edited by Terence P. Logan [i.e. Terence Patrick Logan] and Denzell S. Smith [i.e. Denzell Stewart Smith]Logan, Terence Patrick, 1936; Smith, Denzell Stewart, 1929; University of Nebraska Press
The Politics of antipolitics : the military in Latin America / edited by Brian Loveman [i.e. Brian Elliot Loveman] and Thomas M. Davies, Jr. [i.e. Thomas Mockett Davies, Jr.]Davies, Thomas Mockett, Jr., 1940; Loveman, Brian Elliot, 1944; University of Nebraska Press